Random Favourites of October

Hi everyone!

I thought I’d share with you my non-beauty favourites of last month and the beginning of this month. Comment your faves as well!

  1. My favourite bloggers.

I love reading peoples blogs. Theres something oddly relaxing about reading what somebody is loving, using and their thoughts. This month my favourites have been:


Zoe is such a good writer and her posts are always so interesting and lovely. I would recommend her blog to anybody!


Taylor is also, a really good writer. She also has a YouTube channel which is so good- and you can put a voice to a blog!


As well as being my hilarious, amazing and beautiful best friend- Charlottes blog is so good- and she puts so much thought into it. She deserves so many more followers.

2. My favourite songs.

As I went to see One Direction not too long ago, it would only be right to include some 1D classics in here.

‘History’ The new 1D song from their new album. I can’t wait to hear the rest of it! History is definitely my favourite of the early released songs- it is so different and I just love it!

‘Half the Moon Away’ by Aurora. This, of course, is the song behind the John Lewis advert. She is such a good singer and the song is so beautiful (originally by Oasis.)

‘Wasn’t Expecting That’ by Jamie Lawson. He was the support act for One Direction which has made me love it so much more. It is amazing!

3. My favourite TV shows.

GLEE. I recently started watching glee again and if you love musical theatre and american TV like I do, you will love Glee. Some of the songs they do are better than the originals, and the Quaterback episode in Season 5 had me sobbing like a baby.

X Factor. I always watch X Factor, and this year it has not failed to disappoint my reality TV show craving. My current favourites are Louisa Johnson and Che Chesterman and I don’t like Monica Michael or Fourth Impact (let me know who your faves are below!)

4. My favourite YouTubers

I am a lover of YouTube, I must admit. My favourites at the moment are:




Hope you enjoyed reading about what I’ve loved! Make sure to check out my favourite bloggers this month and tell me what your favourites have been in the comments.

Pippa xxx


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