Mac Burgundy x 9


Yesterday on a brief trip to my local shopping centre, my gorgeous mum decided to spontaneously buy me the Mac palette I’ve been wanting for ages. I had also been explaining to her that it is a complete bargain for what you get – 9 eyeshadows (slightly reduced in size compared to the regular mac pan eyeshadows) that are usually £10 each- meaning you almost kind of get £60 off. This somewhat persuaded her.

IMG_1255IMG_1256    IMG_1260

The 9 shades are absolutely beautiful and compared to my staple Naked 2 palette, it has some shades I don’t use very much for more variety when doing my makeup from now on. It has-

(top left) a gorgeous gold that is almost like a pigment because of its consistency and when you apply it, its almost creamy.

(top middle) This would work well as a base and highlight. Its always good to have a light shade like this.

(top right) This is similar to the previous but is slightly more purple so can work well just with one more shade in the crease.

(middle left) This is a gorgeous coppery- rose goldy – darker shade and looks like it work equally as well as a base shade or in the crease. It is so beautiful! *heart eyes emoji*

(middle middle (haha)) I think this is quite similar to ‘Tease’ from the Naked 2, as it is matte and has purpley tones in. Its slightly browner though, I think.

(middle right) This is the most christmassy eyeshadow I’ve ever had the pleasure to look at.. hahaha! It is a dark one, with specs of gold in, that would look amazing just on its own- or with a normal matte black in the crease- or the top left colour as a base and this in the crease. So excited to use this one!

(bottom left) This is slightly lighter than the other two lighter colours at the top of the palette. I would use this only for a highlight- or on its own with another subtle colour if I didn’t want lots of eyeshadow that day.

(bottom middle) this is SO SO PURDY!! Its a gorgeous iridescent pink colour with gold and slightly red undertones. It looks like it will be a favourite of mine in the not so distant future.

(bottom right) This is a slightly shimmery burgundy colour that is wearable but could also be totally buildable – a running theme in this palette.

I would definitely recommend this! Mac have also brought out 2 others with different colour choices too. I picked this one purely because it was slightly more wintery and different.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my slight eyeshadow obsession. I have also just created a bloglovin’ account – so please follow me over there! <a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Pippa xxx


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