La La Land / Shining Light

Hello! I thought I’d tell a little story today. Hope you enjoy reading xx

As most of you may not know, I am a singer ( not professionally but it sounds cooler than just saying ‘I sing’…) I started singing lessons when I was 6 years old with a lovely lady named Ali and stayed with her until I turned 12. She was amazing- and not only built my confidence into massive (almost) invincible bubble I never used to have, she also helped me achieve things like performing in front of 2,500 people as ‘Annie’ when I was 9- the best experience of my whole life. Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 18.19.35 Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 18.19.51

Being in Annie led onto me performing in other productions as well – Alice in Wonderland, Carousel, Sound of Music, Christmas Carol, and in the midst of all these- singing competitions, performing at my parents parties (absolute cringe) and starting a youtube channel.

My mum started me a youtube channel back in 2011 when I was 10 and named it ‘FairestPippa’ ( as my Grannys maiden name is Fairest- how cute?! She uploaded my first songs- Defying Gravity, Hallelujah and Someone Like You. I looked like a little baby and looking back on them now makes my toes curl and I wonder why anyone ever told me I was remotely good! Unfortunately when I reached Senior School I had to stop having lessons with Ali as my new singing teacher at school didn’t like me having two. As much as I missed Ali, my singing teacher at school is really amazing. I am taught classically with her- which I must admit- took me a long time to get accustomed to. However now I am a MUCH better and stronger singer.

Late 2013 was when I started to take control of my youtube channel and put on videos of myself doing songs I’D chosen, and although I was and am being trained classically, I still sing ‘normally’ on my youtube and outside of school. I also started gaining more views and subscribers (but I still only have 130 odd haha).

In 2014, I decided, as my mum volunteers for my city’s childrens hospital, I would write and record a song in aid of them. I talked about it with a guy I was recording with named John and soon we had a song! I wrote it early December and although it was tweaked along the way- Shining Light was up for sale July 7th 2015. We had the first bulk of sales back this month, and if I’m completely honest, they weren’t amazing. I guess thats why I’m making this post.

The song is 99p on iTunes. 99p is not a lot.

A lot of people have bought the song- don’t get me wrong. But as the song is only this much, the hospital is not getting as much as they can get- and this is where you guys come in. I would be forever grateful if you could buy my song, mention it in your next blog post, share it with your friends, anything. The Sheffield Childrens Hospital is AMAZING and tens of thousands of children visit every year- buying my song not only makes me smile but also makes every single one of those children, nurses, doctors, helpers, and volunteers smile too. You can help.

Here is the link to my song – . I would be so happy if you were to help. Thank you.

Thank you so much to everybody who buys my song- or shares it.

Pippa x


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