Zoella Beauty new range review


I have watched and loved Zoe Sugg, or more commonly known as ‘Zoella’ for over 3 years now and recently she has updated her beauty range collection with more goodies for really cheap prices. Last week I ordered the Reed Diffuser ‘Hey Roomie’ and the hand cream ‘Wonder Hand’ expecting to like them but soon forget about them. I was so wrong!

IMG_1184 IMG_1186

‘Hey Roomie’ Reed diffuser

It may sound completely disgusting and weird, but having to live in the smallest bedroom of the house it sometimes gets a bit fusty and smells a bit weird. This has completely turned that around (Thank God!). It smells the same as the original collection and the scent quickly fills the room- however not too overpowering like some sprays, candles or reed diffusers. The little bottle/jar is so pretty and makes a great decoration as well as smell for my room!

IMG_1189    IMG_1193 IMG_1191

‘Wonder Hand’ hand cream.

I’m not a massive fan of hand creams’ I’ve always found you can’t really do anything after applying for a solid 10 minutes and the smells are often either too boring or too strong. I’ve found this is the perfect balance! It does take about a minute for it to completely dry and only after 5 minutes do my hands feel soft (up until this they just feel a bit oily). I absolutely love this product nonetheless! It has rose gold borders and the original pink and cream detailing on the packaging which I love.

Thank you for so much interaction this week- I have finally hit 10 followers hahah!!

See you soon,

Pippa xxx


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